Composting at Blake Garden

Composting at Blake Garden

Project Lead: Janet DeHaven

Project Sponsor: Blake Garden

TGIF Grant: $760

Project Theme: Habitat Restoration

Application Submission

Project Description: The project team wishes to efficiently turn greenwaste into compost used for the garden. Blake Garden staff and volunteers will build three opened ended compost structures out of inter-locking block material. The structure/wall will enable the staff to use a front loader to turn the piles, greatly reducing the risk of repetitive stress injury to the persons who currently hand-turn the piles, and allow Blake Gardens to compost on-site. A green dumpster costs $500 for each load to be dumped, plus the emissions cost to haul the material to a recycling facility.

Project Goals: Reduce greenwaste at Blake Garden. Outreach and publicity of this project will be displayed on Blake Gardens Website through the Department of Landscape Architecture. Also the community visitors, school classes, interns, students, volunteers, group tours will all be introduced to the practice of efficient practice of recycling green waste to compost.

  1. Reduce green waste at Blake Garden
  2. Recycle material on site
  3. Build wall to be able to turn compost with the front loader
  4. Increase efficiency of compost production
  5. Reduce risk of repetitive stress injury

Final Report

Final Poster