Sustainable Laundry at University Village

Sustainable Laundry at University Village

Project Leads: Lludmila Moran, Omsri Bharat, & Tavie Tipton

Project Sponsor: Nature Village, PowerSave Campus

TGIF Grant: $1,851.50

Project Theme: Water Conservation

Application Submission

Project Description: Funding will be used to purchase 50 drying racks to implement a sustainable laundry campaign with the Green Family Network pilot program. Grant funding will also pay for educational materials and a student intern. This project will pilot the use of drying racks and provide residents with information about sustainable laundry habits and efficient ways to air-dry clothes. The communication efforts during this pilot will emphasize the economic savings, the benefits for the clothes, and the reduction in carbon emissions.

Project Goals: With this project, Nature Village aims to save electricity in University Village through the reduction in use of dryers, the promotion of air drying, and the promotion of sustainable laundry habits. Nature Village will also evaluate the level of adoption of the drying rack and will gather the necessary information to provide drying racks throughout the entire Village, if the pilot proves successful.

Final Report