Blake Garden ADA Path

Blake Garden ADA Path with Native Plant Garden and Viewshed

Project Leads: Lauri Twitchell, Kinya Shiraishi, Miriam Grace Eason

Project Sponsor: Blake Garden, UC Berkeley Department of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning

TGIF Grant: $1,500

Project Theme: Habitat Restoration

Application Submission

Project Description: Blake Garden planted a native drought tolerant garden around the newly constructed ADA accessible path connecting the event lawn with the new handicap bathroom in the education center. The ADA path enabled more people to directly experience natur≠e and a viewshed to Cerrito Creek all the way to the San Francisco Bay. Since path construction displaced a native California plant community, there was a high likelihood that invasive species would overrun this area and the group proactively planted natives and drought tolerant plant communities that could be enjoyed by people as well as support local wildlife.

Project Goals: Blake Garden serves as an interactive classroom, gathering space, and community resource. This student-generated design surrounding the ADA accessible path will serve multiple functions as an ecological, social, and educational environment. This project will enable more student and community visitors to access the viewshed and native garden, which will also support habitat diversity for birds, bees, butterflies and other species. Additionally, these plants will contribute to bank stability for Cerrito Creek.

Final Report

Final Poster