Designated Reuse Bins

Designated Reuse Bins

Project Leads: Tasha Dowdakin, Dan Clipson

Project Sponsor: Moving Services

TGIF Grant: $1,966.56

Project Theme: Waste Reduction

Application Submission

Project Description: During large moves departments often leave behind large quantities of reusable office supplies, such as binders, paper clips, reams of paper, pens, and staplers. These items get mixed in with trash and debris and are then thrown into the landfill dumpsters. To solve this problem, the project will purchase six industrial bins on wheels. The reuse bins will be managed by Moving Services, a unit of Property Management, during the office relocations. The bins will be a distinct color, such as bright yellow or orange, to distinguish them from other bins on campus. The bins will be clearly marked as accepting reusable supplies only.

Project Goals:

  1. Prevent reusable items from entering the landfill during office relocations by providing special reuse bins at the move site.
  2. Educate the campus community on the value of reuse and the role people can play in preventing waste.

Final Report

Final Poster