Stop Waste in Sororities

Stop Waste in Sororities

Project Lead: Emily McKeon

Project Sponsor: Greening the Greeks

TGIF Grant: $1,103.32

Project Theme: Waste Reduction

Application Submission

Project Description: Currently many of Berkeley’s sorority houses have a random assortment of bins and are lacking the quantity needed to fully furnish their house. Each sorority has requested the exact type and quantity of bins that their house is lacking. The bins would be purchased by Greening the Greeks through Grainger and distributed to their respective houses along with appropriate bin signage. Signage would be ordered with the help of Campus Recycling and Refuse Services to promote uniformity of information. The bins and signs would be implemented in each of the houses. Waste audits will be done periodically in each of the houses receiving bins to measure the change in waste diversion rate (waste diverted from the landfill to compost or recycling).

Project Goals:

  1. Provide the social sorority houses of UC Berkeley with a necessary amount of bins in order to maximize their houses’ waste diversion.
  2. Measure the changing waste diversion rates in the houses over time after the bins purchased from this project were implemented.
  3. Composting and recycling is gradually becoming embedded in the culture of living in the sorority house and this project hopes to allow waste diversion to become a standard practice.

Final Report