Student Organic Garden Education Fund

Student Organic Garden Education Fund

Project Leads: Marie Koesnodihardjo, Eleanor Lum, Josh Arnold, Bofan Chen

Project Sponsor: Student Organic Garden Association

TGIF Grant: $1,996.46

Project Theme: Education and Behavior Change

Application Submission

Project Description: The TGIF Mini Grant will enable the facilitators of the Intro to Organic Gardening DeCal to provide students with a more complete garden education that they can use to further their own involvement in urban agriculture. There is no substitute for a hands-on learning experience, especially when the topic of food systems involves environmental, health, and social components. Skills learned in the Student Organic Garden will allow students to grow their own food and guide garden interns to be more informed members of their respective community organizations. Funds will be used to purchase the garden supplies such as tools, seeds, and soil necessary to provide this desired learning environment.

Project Goals: 

  1. Successfully offer a safe and high quality Intro to Organic Gardening DeCal in the spring 2014 semester
  2. Facilitate educational programs in the Student Organic Garden for students and the greater East Bay community, with a focus on the surrounding neighborhood
  3. Establish continuing maintenance and upkeep of the Student Organic Garden throughout the year.

Final Report