CalSoChill Prototype

CalSoChill Prototype

Project Lead: Geun Ho Ahn

Project Sponsor: Engineers for a Sustainable World

TGIF Grant: $525

Additional Funds: $1205.29

Project Theme: Energy Conservation and Efficiency

Application Submission

Project Description: CalSoChill will provide a functional off-grid mobile solar charging station for students to charge their electronics outdoors, encouraging students to spend more time outside. Its prototype serves to represent CalSoChill in a smaller and more affordable scale, while still maintaining the main purpose of the project: providing electricity outlets outside by using solar power.

Project Goals: 

  1. Allow students to charge their electronics outdoors by using solar panels.
  2. Encourage students to spend more time outside.
  3. Provide a place where Cal students can relax and relieve stress through the utilization of the Prototype’s elevated solar panels, designed to capture solar energy and provide shading simultaneously
  4. Raise awareness of sustainable energy, especially renewable energy technology, on campus
  5. Hold outreach opportunities to local schools to raise the awareness of sustainable energy technology amongst a younger generation.

Final Report 

Final Poster