3D Printer Filament Reclamation Project

3D Printer Filament Reclamation Project

Project Leads: Scott Silva & Nicole Panditi

Project Sponsor: College Of Engineering & Cal Zero Waste

TGIF Grant: $2,000

Project Theme: Waste Diversion and Reduction

Application Submission

Project Description: We plan to incorporate various 3D printing projects regarding the recycling of plastics in order to provide educational opportunities for students in Richmond and at UC Berkeley. In conjunction with the Design Engineering Collaborative, the campus’s 3D printing community will become zero waste with the incorporation of failed prints as the source of filament for 3D printed projects. This project will happen at UC Berkeley in efforts to reduce the current waste created by the otherwise innovative technology, and will involve a simple and organized collection and redistribution process. We are also working with Green Labs, College of Engineering and the College of Environmental Design in redistribution of plastics, as many scholars want the material for research needs. Finally, we plan to work in conjunction with the Richmond High School and provide educational opportunities for high school students.

Project Goals: 

  1. Establish a network of sustainability in the 3D printing community
  2. Provide resources for an economically sustainable model
  3. Reduce campus plastic waste
  4. Provide educational projects to students and community members

Final Report 

Final Poster