Herbicide Free Cal

Herbicide Free Cal

Project Leads: Bridget Gustafson & Mackenzie Feldman

Project Sponsor: Food & Water Watch; Herbicide Free Cal

TGIF Grant: $500

Project Theme: Education and Behavior Change

Application Submission

Project Description: The overall goal of this campaign is to greatly reduce/stop the use of carcinogenic herbicides on the UC Berkeley campus. This will be done through a awareness campaign to hopefully inspire public discussion around the hidden dangers of herbicides. In addition, members of the campaign team will be working with grounds keeping staff and student groups to come up with the best possible alternative solutions to spraying herbicides.

Project Goals:

  1. Create a map of all of the areas on campus that are sprayed with herbicides completed by June 2018
  2. Implement signage at locations with most chemicals sprayed to generate public awareness for the chemicals we are being exposed to
  3. Reduce the use of herbicides at each Division I sports field by implementing teamwork days for each sport where they will weed and manage their own fields without the use of herbicides

Final Report 

Final Poster