Passive Solar Greenhouse

Passive Solar Greenhouse

Project Leads: Coleman Rainey, Abby Runte & Jon Hoffman

Project Sponsor: Gill Tract Community Farm Student Coalition

TGIF Grant: $1,981

Project Theme: Agriculture & Food Justice

Application Submission

Project Description: This project aims to reduce material inputs, energy costs, and GHG emissions of UC Berkeley’s sustainable food production by constructing a passive solar greenhouse at the UC Gill Tract Community Farm. Constructed out of local, salvaged, or recycled materials, the greenhouse will be used to house the farm’s vegetable starts and provide needed nursery infrastructure on-site. It will help Farm Management provide educational programming on seeding, crop planning, nursery practices, and more. Once built, the greenhouse will require no energy inputs other than sunlight. A coalition of students and community partners will weigh in on the design and implementation of the structure, which will help the Gill Tract continue its project of feeding food insecure communities through urban agriculture.

Project Goals: 

  1. Construct a passive solar greenhouse at the UC Gill Tract Community Farm with participation from student organizations and community partners.
  2. Provide a space for educational programs.
  3. Use only local, salvaged, or recycled materials
  4. Provide a reliable and robust structure for keeping young plants healthy and extending the growing season into colder seasons
  5. Provide a potential revenue source for the farm through nursery services and vegetable start sales
  6. Position the Gill Tract as a core part of the university’s sustainability mission through outreach and community events including build days