Bear Share

Bear Share

Project Leads: Kiana Kazemi, Anna Whitney, Vishnu Arul, Liam Willingham, Siddharth Bamel

Sponsor: Berkeley Student Food Pantry

TGIF Grant: $4,250.00

Project Theme: Waste Diversion and Reduction

2018 Application Submission

Project Description: The Bear Share Project is a one of a kind initiative aimed at setting up a shared facilities system, potentially saving thousands of dollars per semester and reducing the cost of living on campus especially for newly incoming students and students with less resources. In our pilot phase during Spring 2019, Irons, Iron Boards, Laptop Chargers, Vacuum cleaners, DSLR Cameras, Sewing Machines and Calculators will be available for students to borrow. It will promote a circular economy and get people on board who may not normally think about sustainability and community wellness as it will create a chance to reduce on buying unnecessary items and add to the university’s goal of going fully sustainable too. To get the maximum utilization out of the budget, this project will use data analysis and survey users to improve the experience and make the inventory relevant to students’ needs.