Culinary Cultures Education Associate for the Community (Student) Kitchen

Culinary Cultures Education Associate for the Community (Student) Kitchen

Project Leads: Laura Moreno, Kameron Kitajima, Irene Seliverstov

Sponsor: Berkeley Student Food Collective (BSFC)

TGIF Grant: $4,793.65

Project Theme: Environmental Justice

2018 Application Submission

Project Description: Our nonprofit, student-governed, democratic grocery store will hire a student staff person: a Culinary Cultures Education Associate and purchase basic supplies for their work. This project — student staff and equipment — is intended to bridge the gap between the programming in our growing Community Kitchen and our intent to educate our members and patrons about the diverse culinary cultures from which all the food we vend descends.


  • Encourage student cooks to interrogate their own cultural histories to integrate with the food they’re cooking
  • Highlight cultural histories of different ingredients used in prepared foods
  • Create opportunities for customers to learn more about the foods they’re eating
  • Invite outside communities to weigh in on the food served by the Food Collective