Integrated Plastics Recycling and Research Facility

Integrated Plastics Recycling and Research Facility

Project Leads: Rebecca Harcourt

Sponsor: Student Environmental Resource Center/Cal Zero Waste

Project Theme: Zero Waste, Waste Diversion and Reduction

2019 Application Submission 

Project Description: An extension from a previously awarded TGIF grant, the Zero Waste Research Center (ZWRC) at UC Berkeley has been working to create the first Plastics Recycling Research Facility at UC Berkeley over the past four years. This research facility, located at the Richmond Field Station, will process the University’s plastic and recycling waste through proper collection, sorting, and redistribution. This project will allow for UC Berkeley to expand recycling and reuse programs, reduce its carbon footprint, and create research and education opportunities for students and the community of Richmond.

Goals of Project:

  • Create paid student research positions aimed at the objective of experimenting with multiple types of plastics, and finding ways to mechanically recycle these materials with a socially just and mechanically efficient process
  • Create a closed-loop, circular waste economy from campus waste
  • Reduce carbon emissions from diverting waste and move closer to becoming a zero waste