Students for Climate Action

Students for Climate Action

Project Leads: Dante Gonzales

Sponsor: Indigenous Native Coalition

Project Theme: Environmental Justice

2019 Application Submission 

Project Description: The idea behind Students for Climate Action (S4CA) climate strikes is to reinvigorate the environmental movement here in the Bay Area with the global platform of UC Berkeley, provide climate anxiety relief through social art projects, and then direct the fiery passion of our strikes into ongoing environmental projects. Beyond these strikes, S4CA efforts will also be directing participation towards #Fridaysforfuture and the formation of a UC Green New Deal. By supporting these broader movements, S4CA hopes to demonstrate to the corporate and legislative bodies of the world that UC Berkeley students, and the broader Bay Area, have a voice that will no longer stand for a lack of action on climate. Funding from TGIF can allow us to continue this activism, with the ultimate goal of a ripple effect push for climate action on the local, national, and global scale. Funding these strikes will have enormous positive spillover effects that will ultimately lead to an increase in campus sustainability and climate justice.