Electric Gem for ADA Loop Service

Electric Gem for ADA Loop Service

Project Leads: Alesia Woods

Sponsor: Parking & Transportation

TGIF Grant: $20,000.00

Project Theme: Transportation and Urban Development

2019 Application

Project Description: The Loop service began because of a class action lawsuit (Gustafson v. UC regents), where students with mobility and visual disabilities had limited access to travel through the physical premises on the Berkeley campus (i.e. between buildings, pathways and barriers on campus with a hilly terrain). The Disabled Students Program approached the Parking & Transportation Department in 2007 to assume primary role of operating the Loop service. The Loop service currently provides 120 rides per day. The program recently transitioned from two of three gas-powered golf carts to all electric, street legal Gem carts. Over the past few years, efforts have been made to implement new technologies to improve workflow, increase efficiency, safety and sustainability efforts. The TGIF funds will help cover the cost for the purchase of a new electric Gem vehicle to support the ADA Loop service. There is a 3-6 month lead-time once we place an order for a new electric vehicle. The project will proceed in two phases. In the first phase, the electric Gem will be ordered and during the second phase, we will order the wrap with the Loop logo and have the wrap installed on the vehicle. The project will also entail equipping the new electric Gem with an IPad and an additional License for the automatic dispatching program – TapRide.

Goals: 1) Remove all gas-powered vehicles from the Loop program, thereby eliminating GHG emissions.

2) Reduced fuel purchasing will help with the carbon neutrality efforts and reduction of customer and driver complaints because of gas fumes; The Energy Policy Act of 1992 (EPAct) requires 75% of the Univesity’s light duty vehicle acquisitions shall be alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs)

3) Replacing a combustion vehicle with a Gem has the same positive impact as 21 trees.