Increasing Diversity in the Environmental Workforce Through Education and Training

Increasing Diversity in the Environmental Workforce Through Education and Training

Project Leads: Lupe Gallegos Diaz

Sponsor: Chicanx Latinx Student Development Office

TGIF Grant: $25,000

Project Theme: Environmental Justice

2019 Application

Project Description: Despite an increase in the amount of students receiving a Bachelor’s degree, underrepresented students are still underrepresented in the fields of Science and Engineering. This disparity can be due to a couple of reasons: guidance, resources, and mentorship. This project aims to increase diversity in the environmental sector and STEM fields by providing first generation and underrepresented students technical environmental training often needed for jobs in environmental fields. Through partnerships with community organizations, environmental professionals, graduate students and faculty, students will participate in trainings such as: soil sampling, air quality, and water testing. In addition to receiving technical training, they will also develop leadership skills and receive personal and professional mentorship from members of the Latinxs and the Environment Community board. Following the training, students will be placed with a host organization during the summer for an internship, allowing the student to put into practice the training from the program as well as explore potential career pathways.

Goals: 1) Provide students with technical training and support for different environmental fields

2) Connect students to mentors in different career fields to explore different career pathways

3) Provide a long term framework for students to work in community with communities addressing environmental issues.