CLAS developed a Sustainability Plan of Action

Goal Steps for Achieving Goal
Host a certified Green Event 1 Eliminate water tower
2 Conduct a mini week long I Heart Tap Water campaign
3 Install recycled bulletin board to post statistics on transportation and energy consumption of building
4 Change default printer setting to double-sided
5 Eliminate unnecessary appliances
6 Install a composting pilot program
7 Encourage purchasing of 100% post-consumer recycled paper"
Become LEED EBOM certified 1 Install sink aerators
2 Replace old toilets with EPA rated low flow toilets
3 Install motion sensors on light switches
4 Update all appliances to Energy Star
5 Complete building commissioning
a Install thermostat meter and lower temperature
b Repair old heating system to eliminate personal space heaters
6 Install composting program
a Mulch xeriscaping with compost
Work with the natural climate 1 Fix windows to make operable or replace windows with dual pane low-e windows and weatherize building by re-caulking all doors and windows
2 Replace weather stripping around doors
3 Install exterior shades on South facing windows
Conserve resources 1 Install rainwater harvesting system from roof to water the xeriscaping
2 Place plants on the roof to reduce heat island effect
3 Replace old exit signs with LED exit signs
Look at alternative sources of energy 1 Install solar panels on roof (if seismically building passes tests)
Increase health of building occupants 1 Install veggie and herb garden
2 Increase number of house plants within the building
3 Replace chairs, computer keyboards, and mice with ergonomically designed ones
Go paperless 1 Advertise for events via chalking and announcements during lectures and reach farther into the Berkeley community
2 Increase electronic advertisement
3 Print flyers on 100% post-consumer recycled paper
Rework University campus purchasing policies 1 Work with the University to green the purchasing plan
2 Demand 100% post-consumer recycled paper, organic produce in offices, and green cleaning products
Reduce dependence on energy 1 Search out opportunities for supplying own energy, buying energy from alternative sources
2 Reduce building energy usage